9 Flavourful Vegan Soups From Around the World


Filipino Jackfruit Coconut Stew

Inspired by the classic Filipino "ginataang langka" recipe, this tasty stew sees meaty jackfruit chunks simmered in a chilli coconut broth. It's fresh, spicy, and exotic!


Scotch Broth

When you need a hearty meal for the whole family, prepare a warming soup the Scottish way with pearl barley, winter veggies, and split peas — simple and tasty!


Jamaican Red Peas Soup

Roll these doughy "spinners" dumplings and add them to a spicy red bean soup for a satisfying dish with a Caribbean twist. You'll love it!


Lebanese Red Lentil Soup

If you like creamy soups, give this golden velouté a go. Inspired by the Lebanese shorbet adas, it packs lots of wonderful and warming spices.

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Israeli Matzo Ball Soup

With its signature fluffy dumplings, this comforting stew will make you come back for more. Ground matzo crackers and flaxseeds are all you need to turn it vegan!


Japanese Daikon Miso Soup

This savoury soup pairs miso paste with enoki mushrooms for the ultimate umami flavour. Enjoy it on its own or tip in some noodles for a filling meal.


Hungarian Goulash

Caramelised onions and hot paprika are at the heart of this goulash, but we used red beans and mushrooms instead of beef!


Brazilian Feijoada

Pairing oranges with beans may sound unusual but it's what makes this recipe so brilliant. We added in a few extra veggies to replace meat and get a nice fibre boost.


Italian Black Kale Soup

Craving a cosy and heartwarming soup? Try this colourful Italian stew with cavolo nero, pumpkin, and pearl barley. Tasty and incredibly healthy!

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