8 Fridge Essentials for Healthy Vegan Eating

Healthy Eating Made Easy

Want to make healthy vegan eating easier? Start by stocking up your fridge with the right foods: wholesome, nutritious, and versatile plant-based staples.

Vegan Fridge Essentials

Not sure how to go about it? We rounded up the top 8 fridge must-haves to get you started. Add them to your grocery list and go shopping!


Leafy Greens

Eating fresh green veggies is an easy shortcut to a healthier diet. They have vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. And even help you absorb more nutrients from other foods!



Rich in antioxidants and low in sugars, berries are one of the healthiest fruits you could have in your fridge. Can't get them fresh? Frozen are just as good — and cheaper too!

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Rule number one of clean eating? Ditch the sugar. And go with dates instead. Naturally sweet and high-fibre, they are the best sugar substitute. And yes, they go in the fridge!

Healthy Recipe Idea #1

Your fridge is starting to look great! Before we continue, we've got a quick recipe idea for you. It's a healthy breakfast pudding with dates and blueberries you can try today!



Ok, back onto our list. Next is glorious tofu. Soy is practically the best protein source in a vegan diet. So, make sure you always have a tofu block in your fridge!


Miso or Tamari

We're not done with soy yet! Miso paste and tamari are two other fridge essentials you should stock up on. Great to add flavour, and perfect for sauces and marinades!

Healthy Recipe Idea #2

And if you're curious, here's how you can use miso and tamari to make a delicious tofu marinade bursting with umami flavour. You'll love it!


Plant-Based Milk

Ok milk is not just a fridge staple, it's THE fridge staple! And you've got so many plant-based drinks you can choose from. Soy milk is most nutritious, but oat milk is the tastiest!


Plant-Based Yogurt

And don't forget to get some yogurt too. No-dairy yogurt alternatives are so easy to find nowadays. But why not try making it yourself? Try our step-by-step recipe!



And finally, hummus. Such a lifesaver. Have it with warm pitta bread, or use it in pasta sauces, salads, and wraps for a speedy meal. So, always keep a pot in your fridge!

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