8 Fruity Autumn Desserts to Tuck Into

From apple pies to fruity crumbles, these 8 cosy fall desserts make the most of the fruits in season. They're all plant-based, some also gluten-free, and simply perfect to tuck into!


Caramelised Pumpkin Babka

Nothing says autumn more than pumpkin. And this gorgeous braided cake is the perfect way to use it! Our recipe has no eggs, milk, or butter, and yet it's as delicious as ever.


Apple Sweet Bread with Hazelnuts

Here's another cosy loaf that celebrates the season's harvest. Juicy apple chunks and crunchy hazelnuts are waiting for you, hidden inside a wholesome spongy cake.


Applesauce Frosted Cake

Turn apples into applesauce and mix it with melted dark chocolate. Now, you've got the perfect frosting for this almond cake. Healthy, fully vegan, and so good!

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Pear Banana Bread

And if you can make applesauce, why not pearsauce? Try it in this brilliant banana bread, a fun autumnal twist on the classic recipe. Divine with a mug of hot chocolate!


Gluten-Free Ginger Plum Crumble

Spiced juicy plums baked with a crunchy crust of oats and hazelnuts. This fruity crumble is the perfect dessert to warm up on those chilly autumn evenings!


Wholemeal Apple Pie with Dates

And now the glorious apple pie, queen of all pies and a true family favourite in autumn. And it just got a healthy, vegan makeover you cannot miss. Swipe up and try it!


Gluten-Free Oaty Apple Strudel

What better season than autumn to make a fruity strudel? And with our gluten-free shortcrust, everyone can now enjoy this heart-warming dessert. See how we've done it!


Easy Pear Turnovers

Want a super easy and yet impressive dessert? These pastries are perfect: flaky pockets stuffed with spiced pear filling. Delicious, and ready in 30 minutes, baking included!

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