5 Tasty Recipes with Goji Berries

Tiny Berry, Super Food

You'd be shocked to learn how many powerful nutrients hide inside this tiny red berry.

Super easy to use

Even a small handful come loaded with iron, proteins, vitamin C, and a whopping amount of vitamin A. Check out these goji berry recipes and give them a try!


Bircher Muesli with Goji Berries...

These flavourful and chewy berries are the perfect complement to muesli's crunchy nuts and soothing oats.


... and Pistachios!

Did we say nuts? We meant THE NUTS! The true and only, the champions, the kings of nuts: Pistachios! Big yummies for slim tummies.

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


Carrot Cake Energy Bites

Love chewy energy bites? Oh boy, do we have good news for you!


These carrot and goji berry energy balls are super healthy, vegan and gluten-free, and ready in just 20 minutes! No baking required.


Avocado and Goji Berry Cookies

These vegan cookies are set to become a pantry staple. They burst with nutrients and are such a healthy snack, you won't believe how easy they are to put together.


Matcha Power Bar

With both matcha powder and goji berries, these bars pack a ridiculous amount of antioxidants and precious nutrients. Check them out!


Goji berries for lunch

Looking to use goji berries outside of baking? Try this wholesome Moroccan dish made with chickpeas, cauliflowers, and gojis.

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