4 Alternative Grains You Can Use for Porridge

What's Porridge?

Porridge is a hot cereal dish made by boiling grains in milk or water until thick and creamy. It's easy, quick, and nutritious, perfect for a healthy breakfast.

The Classic Oatmeal

Oatmeal is probably the most famous type of porridge. It's made with rolled oats, a fibre-packed whole grain with tons of health benefits.

Alternative Grains

But there are so many more grains you can use for porridge! We selected our 4 favourites from all around the world — discover them all!



Known as kasha, buckwheat porridge is a staple breakfast in Russia and Eastern Europe. It's made with buckwheat groats, protein-rich "seeds" with a yummy roasted flavour!

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Overnight Buckwheat Porridge

You can make buckwheat porridge by boiling the groats until soft. Or you can swipe up and try our zero-hassle overnight recipe. Quick and delicious!



Straight from South America, quinoa is another wonderful ingredient for porridge. Like buckwheat, it's a gluten-free "pseudocereal" packed with complete proteins.

Quinoa Peanut Porridge

This wholesome bowl is a powerhouse of plant-based proteins thanks to quinoa and peanut butter. Top if off with our blueberry compote and enjoy!



Let's move to Asia. Here rice is king, and pudding-like rice porridge is a staple. White rice is a classic, but you can also use brown rice or black rice for a healthier option.

Coconut Ube Rice Porridge

You'll have a lot fun preparing this Filipino-style purple rice porridge. The secret is in ube, a wonderful purple root that's sweet and creamy. Swipe up and find out more!



And finally: corn. Ground corn is used to make grits, a breakfast porridge popular in central America. It's sweet and loaded with fibres!

Jamaican Cornmeal Porridge

Passion fruit and coconut milk give a delightful Caribbean finish to this easy cornmeal porridge. Try it and you'll love it!

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