8 Gut-Healing Smoothies to Reboot

Happy Gut, Happy You

Your gut does a lot more than digest food: it prevents infection and inflammation and affects your weight and mood. So, if your gut is off, your health is off.

Whizz a Gut-Healthy Smoothie

So, make your gut happy again starting with these 8 gut-loving smoothies. Healthy, quick, and delicious recipe ideas you can try today!


Chia Seed Raspberry Smoothie

Let's start with this pretty pink smoothie. We picked it because it's laden with fibres. And fibres keep the friendly bacteria in your gut up and running!


Green Apple Almond Smoothie

Next is this green smoothie which comes with 5 special gut-healthy ingredients. You already know apples and almonds, so discover the others!

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This smoothie draws its gut-healing power from mighty kale, anti-inflammatory ginger, and fibre-rich bananas. And beets top it up with antioxidants!


Wheat Bran Spinach Smoothie

Fibre-packed, gut-healthy foods make this green smoothie good for your gut and great for weight loss too. It's a double win!


Turmeric Oat Smoothie

Turmeric fights gut inflammation while oats nourish and restore healthy gut bacteria. Two mighty ingredients into one wonderful smoothie!


Yogurt Matcha Smoothie

Your gut will love this one. Use yogurt for a good dose of probiotics and green tea matcha for a blast of healing antioxidants. Super!


Chocolate Rainbow Smoothie

Want something fun and a little indulgent? This chocolaty layered smoothie is for you. And no worries, cacao is actually a potent gut booster!


Ginger Parsley Banana Smoothie

These three ingredients work in synergy to clear off toxins and reduce inflammation. Your gut will be happier and you'll feel at your best!

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