9 Gut-Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

Gut and Weight Loss

Did you know that an unhealthy gut can cause cravings and weight gain? So, if you want to lose weight, start by eating more gut-healthy foods!

Gut-Healthy Recipes

Your gut loves foods rich in prebiotics, probiotics, and antioxidants. But no worries, we took out the guesswork and put together 9 gut-healthy recipes for you to try!


Apple Bircher Muesli

Here's how you can pack lots of gut-loving foods in one handy breakfast pot. You've got oats, apples, yogurt, and almonds. All the good stuff!


Pear Matcha Smoothie

For an even faster brekkie, whizz this green smoothie! Fibres in pears and antioxidants in matcha make a winning combo for your gut health.

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Pistachio Chickpea Salad on Kale

For lunch, have this super-salad with a yummy Moroccan twist. It will keep you full for hours and nourish your gut-friendly bacteria all in one swoop!


Miso Tofu Buddha Bowl

Fermented foods like miso are a bliss for your gut. Use it to marinate tofu and assemble a glorious bowl with gut-healing grains, beans, and greens!


Creamy Pea Pasta

Upgrade your pasta bowl with gut-friendly ingredients, like green peas and broccoli. You can whizz them together into a super creamy pasta sauce!


Power Banana Flapjacks

These mighty bars get their power from oats and bananas. They'll boost your gut health and energise you for long. Don't miss them!


Chocolate Cherry Parfait

Want something a little indulgent, yet good for your gut? This yogurt parfait is perfect. And yes, dark chocolate counts as gut-healthy food!


Black Bean Quinoa Bowl

Here's another buddha bowl that makes the most of gut-loving beans, grains, and greens. Ready in 30 minutes and so satisfying. Give it ago!


Turmeric Lentil Soup

Onions, lentils, and turmeric join forces to heal and restore healthy gut bacteria. Blend them into a cosy golden soup and enjoy it with croutons!

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