5 Health Benefits of Barley You Didn't Know About

Not just delicious and versatile, barley is also good for you. Discover 5 amazing health benefits of this wonderful grain, plus tasty recipe ideas to add to your diet!

What's Barley?

Barley is a cereal grain, just like wheat. You can find it as pearled barley, meaning the outer bran layer has been removed, or as barley groats, which are the hulled whole grains.


Incredibly Nutritious

What makes barley so great? To start, it packs B vitamins, magnesium, and selenium. These nutrients are amazing for your metabolism and energy levels!

Recipe Idea #1

So, as first recipe idea, we've got this nutritious barley stew for you. It's a classic Scottish dish that might look humble but it's big in flavour. Swipe up and try it today!

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Slow Energy Release

Barley also bursts with fibres and slow-digesting carbs. It has the lowest glycemic index among all grains: this means you'll get a steady energy release!

Recipe Idea #2

So, use barley to make a high-fibre salad that will fuel your day with goodness. It's a quick and fresh dish inspired by the famous Lebanese tabbouleh. Try it and you'll love it!


Blood Sugar Control

Fibres are definitely barley's trump card. Why? They help keep sugar and insulin levels in balance, controlling hunger, cravings, and energy. Super!

Recipe Idea #3

So, if you struggle with hunger pangs or low energy, nourish yourself with this wholesome pumpkin barley stew. Bursting with goodness and deeply satisfying!


Good For Weight Loss

The fibres in barley can also help you lose weight. How? They add bulk and slow down the digestion of other foods. So, you'll feel full for longer and eat less during the day. Cool!

Recipe Idea #4

Want the winning recipe for weight loss? Pair fibres with proteins! This brilliant balrey edamame bowl has all you need to stay satiated for hours. Don't miss it!


Keep Your Heart Healthy

And if that wasn't enough, the fibres in barley are also good for you heart. They help lower bad cholesterol, keeping your heart healthy and preventing disease. Awesome!

Recipe Idea #5

And you know what else is good for your heart? Beets! So, why not prepare a heart-healthy (and delicious) risotto with beets and barely? Give it a go!

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