5 Impressive Benefits of Carrots You Didn't Know About

Satisfying, nutritious, and so versatile, carrots are a wonderful veggie to include in your diet. Discover their top 5 health benefits, plus easy recipe ideas!


Fibre Boost

Carrots are one of the veggies with the most fibres. And fibres are incredibly good for you. They keep your gut healthy, slow down digestion, and lower blood sugars!

Carrot Cake Power Balls

Swap that sugary carrot cake with these energy balls for a blast of fibres thanks to oats, raw carrots, and goji berries. Swipe up for the recipe!


Aid Weight Loss

Did you know carrots are almost 90% water? This means you can eat a lot of them and yet consume very few calories — great for weight loss. That's some veggie power!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


Carrot Salad Sandwich

Stuff that lunch sandwich up with lots of carrots and low-calorie veggies. They'll fill you for longer but your calorie count won't go up much. Super!


Lower Cholesterol

Remember those awesome fibres in carrots we talked about earlier? Well, they're also a bliss for your heart as they help keep bad cholesterol at bay. Wow!

Carrot Scotch Broth

So, why not prepare a heart-healthy stew tonight? This Scottish recipe with root vegetables, split peas, and barley packs tons of fibres, but very few fats!


Better Eye Health

The pigment that makes carrots orange is a powerful antioxidant that your body turns into vitamin A, a precious nutrient for your eye health.

Carrot Mango Kosambari

Forget those vitamin pills, and get your daily dose of vitamin A with this colourful salad. Yellow mung beans, juicy mango, and grated carrots have all you need!


Antioxidant Boost

Carrots don't have just one type of antioxidant, but loads of them! And antioxidants are also great to detoxify your body, prevent diseases, and live longer.

Strawberry Carrot Smoothie

Feeling like you want to eat more carrots now? Well, the easiest way to juice them up into a glorious smoothie, maybe with a few strawberries for extra goodness!

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