7 Healthy Alternatives to Butter in Baking


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Ube Butter

Use purple yams or purple sweet potatoes to make a delicious sweet spread, perfect as a low-fat butter alternative for all your bakes. Discover the recipe below!

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Ube Cupcakes

And now that you have it, use ube butter to make these super pretty purple cupcakes — frosting included! They're healthy and delicious.


Nut Butter

Nut butter has half the fats than butter and also gives a delicious nutty finish to your sweet bakes. Choose from peanut, almond, or cashew butter, or try our silky Brazil nut butter recipe below!

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Healthy Peanut Butter Flapjacks

Swap butter with peanut butter to prepare these wholesome vegan flapjacks. They'll fuel your morning with lots of proteins and slow-release carbs.



When you replace butter with mashed ripe avocados, you're swapping saturated fats with healthy unsaturated fats. And you'll stock up on lots of precious nutrients too!

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Healthy Avocado Waffles

Tip mashed avocados into you waffle mix for a healthy no-butter alternative. You'll get fluffy, tasty, and pretty breakfast waffles with a fraction of the fats!



If you want to cut down on fats, sugars, and calories, then applesauce is a top choice. Tap below and find out how to turn a humble apple into the best butter alternative!

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Low-Fat Welsh Cakes

Ever tried traditional Welsh cakes? Oh my, they're irresistibly chewy and fruity cakes. Swap the classic butter with applesauce for a diet-friendly sweet treat.

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Overripe bananas make a wonderful low-fat butter alternative for cakes and muffins. And because they're so sweet, you can also cut down on the added sugars!

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Breakfast Banana Muffins

Bake a big batch of these breakfast muffins for the whole family using mashed bananas or even ripe plantains. And enjoy them without worries!



Choose thick Greek yogurt or plant-based soy yogurt as a healthy swap for butter if you also want to boost your recipes with lots of proteins — great for gym-goers and weight-watchers!

Raspberry Matcha Muffins

These yogurt breakfast muffins will satisfy your sweet tooth without going right to your waistline. Tip in some fat-burning matcha powder for an extra health boost!



Swap butter with pumpkin puree, and you'll be amazed. You'll get sweet and moist bakes with very few calories and fats!

Wholemeal Pumpkin Cookies

Make these super healthy cookies with just wholewheat flour, pumpkin puree, and warming spices: a satisfying treat that's actually good for you!

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