6 Healthy Alternatives to Classic Potato Chips


Cajun Rutabaga Chips

Out with the carbs, in with the flavour! These spicy chips have 5 times fewer carbs than classic potato crisps. So go ahead and enjoy them without guilt.


Air-Fryer Plantain Chips

If you want to make zero-fat chips without giving up on crunchiness, the air-fryer is your best friend. Put it into action with our Caribbean plantain chips recipe!


Purple Sweet Potato Chips

If you've never tried purple sweet potatoes, you're in for a treat. They're sweet, nutty, and so colourful. Not mention loaded with antioxidants — give them a go!

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Paprika Daikon Chips

Good news dieters! These daikon chips are fat-free, low-carb, and low-calorie, and yet taste so incredibly good. The secret? Tap below and find out.


Beetroot Chips

Want to make beets taste amazing? Then, turn them into crunchy seasoned chips! Make a big batch and you'll also reap all the health benefits of this awesome root.


Crunchy Kale Chips

The easiest way to eat more of this superfood green is to make crunchy crisps with it. Prep the kale leaves following our recipe and bake them to perfection. You'll love them!

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