5 Healthy Alternatives To White Rice

5 Rice Swaps to Try

Whether you trying to cut down on carbs, eat more proteins, or lose weight, white rice may not be the best choice for your diet. Here are 5 healthy swaps, plus recipe ideas to try!



With 3 times more proteins than white rice, buckwheat is a whole-grain to try if you want level up your protein count. Top it with beans, greens, and walnuts for a healthy salad!



And if you want even more proteins, give quinoa a shot! This ancient grain has made a come back in everyone's buddha bowls. So, grab the recipe below and make yours too!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan



Made from cracked whole wheat, bulgur has almost 25% fewer calories than white rice. Great for folks on a diet! Pair it with filling beans in this saucy Lebanese dish.



Chewy and nutty, barley is a satisfying alternative to rice. And it has 8 times more fibres. Cool! Simmer it with pink beetroot sauce for a filling risotto, AKA orzotto.


Riced Cauliflower

And finally, here's the low-carb swap you were all waiting for: cauliflower rice! But you need to do it right or you'll end with a mushy mess. Swipe up and we'll show you how!

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