5 Healthy Alternatives To Sugar In Baking

Sugar-Free Baking

Love baking but don't want to use loads of white sugar? We've got 5 healthy alternatives to sugar that will revolutionise your bakes — plus recipe ideas to try!


Mashed Bananas

Fruit is nature's sweet treat. So, use ripe banana mash as a wholesome, all-natural alternative to refined sugar. And your bakes will also taste so good!

Lemon Banana Muffins

You won't believe these brilliant lemony muffins are made without an ounce of white sugar, just blended bananas. Tip in some chia seeds for a nice crunch!



Dried dates are a concentrate of sweetness. But because they have lots of fibres, they don't spike blood sugars. Blend them into a paste and use them in your bakes!

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Dark Chocolate Date Brownies

Dates are perfect for fillings, bars, and gooey treats like brownies. These ones are probably the healthiest brownies ever. Tap below and discover how we've made them!


Pumpkin Mash

Bakes made with pumpkin puree are flavourful, moist, and colourful. And because pumpkin is naturally sweet, you won't need any added white sugar!

Pumpkin Choc Chip Bread

This breakfast loaf is so utterly delicious, and healthy too. Made with wholewheat flour, pumpkin mash, and extra dark chocolate chips. No nasties.


Pure Maple Syrup

Unlike white sugar, maple syrup undergoes way less processing. And because it's so flavourful you can use much less, thus cutting down on added sugars.

Healthier Chocolate Babka

Here's our healthier twist on this beloved braided bread. We made that yummy chocolaty filling with just dates and a little maple syrup. Swipe up and give it a go!



If you're watching your calories, erythritol is the go-to choice. This safe and natural sweetener has zero calories and gives you a straight swap for sugar.

Sugar-Free Icing

Erythritol is great when you need a sugar alternative that won't affect the colour, texture, or flavour of your bakes. And it works wonders in this cake icing too!

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