7 Healthy & Easy Potato Recipes


Who doesn't love potatoes? They're cheap, versatile, and incredibly satisfying. Here are 7 healthy and easy recipe ideas you can try today. Discover them all!

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Potato Cream Crumble

We simply love this veggie casserole. It's a super clever way to use potatoes if you can't have cheese. Swipe up and we'll show you our magic trick!


Curried Potato Chips

This Indian-inspired recipe makes a brilliant side dish to a curry. Slice baby potatoes into thin chips and pan-fry them until crispy! Ready in a flash.


Zero-Fat Hash Browns

Potatoes are at their best when ultra crispy — and these shredded potato patties are the crispiest. Make them with your trusty air-fryer to skip the oil and keep the fats low!


Za'atar Potato Casserole

Here's another recipe you can make with shredded potatoes. Mix them with tofu, carrots, and za'atar seasoning, and slow-bake all to perfection!

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Lebanese Potato Salad

Want a filling meal to pack in your next lunch box? This recipe is for you! An easy peasy potato salad with spiced chickpeas, sweet peppers, and pomegranate.

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Paprika Potato Goulash

When it's cold outside, nothing makes us cosier than a potato stew. And this plant-based goulash with spicy paprika, potatoes, and mushrooms is just perfect!


Cumin Potato Cakes

Also called aloo tikki, these spiced potato patties are inspired by Indian chaat, a famous street food. Savour them with green chutney and maple-roasted peanuts!

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