7 Tastier, Healthier Alternatives to Lettuce

7 Tasty Swaps for Lettuce

Looking for a change from lettuce salad? Here are 7 brilliant lettuce substitutes that are even tastier and healthier—plus recipe ideas to try!


Wild Rocket

Deliciously peppery and rich in antioxidants, rocket or arugula is a fabulous swap for lettuce. Try it in this fruity summer salad idea!


Baby Spinach

When you swap lettuce for mighty spinach, you’re getting a lot more iron, calcium, and vitamin C—the perfect base for this superfood salad!


Shaved Zucchini

Crunchy ribbons of shaved raw zucchini can liven up any salad. We paired them with tangerines and red beans in this rainbow salad!

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This tender green belongs to the cabbage family, nutrient-dense veggies we should eat every day. So out with lettuce, in with watercress salad!


Curly Kale

And speaking of cabbage relatives, kale is another must-try lettuce alternative. And yes, you can eat it raw—find out to prepare it below!


Red Chicory

For a touch of colour (and lots of heart-healthy antioxidants), try red chicory leaves instead of lettuce. Perfect with our blueberry dressing!


Riced Cauliflower

Grated raw cauliflower is a fun alternative to lettuce and doubles up as a carb-free option in grain bowls like the one below!

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