10 Healthy Asian Recipes To Spice Up Your Dinner

Need some inspiration for tonight's dinner? Maybe something fun and exotic yet healthy? Here are 10 delicious Asian recipes for you — beloved classics made a little healthier!


Japanese Garlic Edamame Rice

Sushi rice, edamame, and shiitake mushrooms stir-fried with soy sauce and crispy garlic. Easy and delicious. A Japanese one-pot dish you can make in a flash!


Chinese Wolfberry Soup

Roasted red peppers and sweet wolfberries (aka goji berries) come together into a silky Chinese-style soup. Top it with seared tofu and cracked black pepper, and enjoy!


Filipino Purple Yam Soup

Red is not your colour? Then, how about purple? This fun soup is a Filipino dish made with blended purple yams. Plus, coconut milk and ginger for extra delight. Give it a go!

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Thai Mung Bean Green Curry

If you love curries for dinner, make this wonderful Thai recipe next! It's a spicy and aromatic curry that locks in all the essential Thai flavours in one nutritious dish.


Thai Cashew Stir-Fry

Here's another wonderful Thai dish you can't miss. It's got crunchy cashews, red peppers, and sweet onions, all tossed in sweet chilli sauce. What's not to love?


Korean Japchae

Craving noodles for dinner? Sorted. This Korean stir-fry uses glass noodles, deliciously chewy noodles made from starch. Plus, lots of crunchy veggies that'll fill you up!


Indian Pinapple Pachadi Curry

Indian curries come in countless variations. Here, we picked one that's quite special and unique: a sweet and savoury curry with pineapple, mustard, and coconut yogurt. Try it!


Indian Aloo Beans

This veggie side dish goes perfectly with that awesome curry. It may look simple, but it's bursting with flavours from turmeric, chillies, and coriander. And it's healthy too!


Vietnamese Crab Bún Riêu

Want a generous dinner that's big in flavour? This noodle bowl is spot on. It's a Vietnamese recipe with king oyster mushrooms and crab dumplings in paprika broth. Divine!


Indonesian Nasi Goreng

Caramelised soy sauce and crunchy peanuts give so much flavour and texture to this Indonesian fried rice. Use brown rice and lots of veggies for extra goodness!

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