10 Healthy Autumn Recipes on a Budget

Cosy, healthy, and budget-friendly, these 10 recipes make the most of fall produce and use cheap cupboard ingredients. From soups and curries to toasts and smoothies, there's plenty to try!


Turmeric Mushroom Toast

Let's start with a quick toast, great for breakfast or as a snack. Choose your favourite mushrooms and pan-fry them with ground turmeric and spinach for a burst of health!


Spinach Pesto Mushroom Pasta

And you can use any leftover mushrooms and spinach to rustle up this delicious autumnal pasta. Double up the recipe and pack it into your next day's lunch box!


Cinnamon Pumpkin Kale Stew

When it starts to get colder, there's nothing as cosy as a hearty stew to tuck into. And this delicious soup made with sweet cinnamon, pumpkin, and chewy barley is the cosiest!

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Lentil Mushroom Curry

And a good bowl of curry is just as comforting. This easy recipe from South India uses mustard, ginger, and coconut milk for a rich and spicy broth that'll warm you up!


Beet Supermoothie

For your next breakfast, whizz up this healthful smoothie and start the day at your best! It's got seasonal beets and kale, plus bananas for natural sweetness.


Chilli Pumpkin Coconut Rice

This exotic one-pot dish makes a fabulous midweek dinner, ready in 30 minutes! Simmer brown rice and stir-fried pumpkin in spicy coconut broth and serve it with fragrant thyme.


Roasted Cajun Cauliflowers

Here's how you can make cauliflowers taste incredibly good. Rub them with our cajun spice blend and roast them till crusty. The perfect topping for a side salad!


"Cheesy" Cauliflower Crumble

You won't believe how insanely tasty is this autumnal veggie casserole! It all comes down to our secret potato "cheese" sauce. Swipe up and discover the recipe!


Green Chilli Beets & Beans

This colourful recipe is inspired by the classic Indian poriyal, a stir-fry dish that's fresh and spicy. Grated beets and black beans turn it into a healthy autumnal meal!


Kale Pesto White Soup

This velvety soup is so nutritious and yet full of flavour. And it's made with simple, inexpensive ingredients. Grab the recipe below and get some bread ready for dunking!

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