7 Healthy Bakes with Dates instead of Sugar

Healthy Alternative to Sugar

Want healthier bakes? Ditch that refined white sugar and use dates instead. Dates are naturally sweet, but also contain tons of fibres which prevent spikes in blood sugars.

How to Use Dates

Opt for sweet and flavourful varieties like medjool or deglet noor dates. You can soak and blend them into a date paste, or simply chop them and add them to your bakes.

Baking Recipe Ideas

You can use dates in pretty much any type of bake for sweetness, moisture, and a caramel-like finish. Check out our 7 favourite baking recipes and give them a go!


Date Peanut Flapjacks

Here's our super healthy makeover of the classic flapjacks. No sugar and no butter, just 100% goodness. Grab some dates, oats, and nuts, and follow along!

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Black Bean Date Brownies

What happens when you put together sweet dates and creamy black beans? You get the healthiest brownies ever. And they're so incredibly good!


Date Poppy Seed Roll

Cake fillings are usually a bomb of sugar. But not if you use dates. See how we used them in this poppy seeds cake roll. And yes, that's our secret sugar-free glaze you see!


Date Banana Bread

You won't believe this spongy breakfast is made without a single gram of white sugar. This is the magic of using dates. Swipe up and find the recipe!


Date Chocolate Babka

This braided sweet bread is as pretty as delicious — and healthy too! Using date paste for the filling means you can skip the sugar and also cut down on the chocolate.


Date Cinnamon Rolls

The classic filling in cinnamon rolls is an unhealthy combo of sugar and butter. Say no to that and go with dates instead. Swipe up and we'll show you how to do it.


Date Sweet Potato Pie

Dates are so amazing you can use them both in the crust and the filling of this wonderful pie. Time to say goodbye to that refined sugar for good!

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