Want Healthier Bakes? Try Pumpkin Puree

A Wonderful Ingredient

Want healthier bakes that don't compromise on flavour and texture? Say hello to pumpkin puree. A fabulous ingredient that will revolutionise the way you bake.

How to Make it

Pumpkin puree is as amazing as easy to make. Simply chop up the pumpkin, roast it or steam it, and then mash it until creamy.

Baking with Pumpkin Puree

Let's discover 5 amazing benefits of pumpkin puree in healthy bakes. And don't miss our tasty recipe ideas!


Egg Alternative

Because it's so dense and creamy, pumpkin puree helps bind the ingredients as eggs would do. And without eggs, your bakes will have a fraction of the fats and cholesterol!

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Pumpkin Muffins

Get those muffin cases ready and let's bake these uber-healthy breakfast muffins. They're low in fats and sugars, and made with oats for extra goodness!


Butter Substitute

Pumpkin puree can also replace butter. You can finally make your favourite bakes completely dairy-free — and they'll still be moist and flavourful!

Pumpkin Cookies

Time to give those buttery cookies a healthy makeover. Start with these wholesome breakfast biscuits. You won't believe they have no butter, eggs, or added sugar!


Natural Sweetener

Bye-bye white sugar, hello pumpkin puree. Pumpkin is naturally sweet, and if you roast it before pureeing it, it'll give an amazing caramelised flavour to your bakes!

Pumpkin Loaf Cake

If a healthy chocolate cake sounds impossible, wait till you try this brilliant breakfast loaf made with just wholesome ingredients. Discover the recipe below!


Extra Flavour

Sweet, earthy, and slightly nutty, pumpkin puree gives a lot of flavour to your bakes. So, they won't be just healthier, but tastier too.

Sourdough Pumpkin Bread

And that's exactly why we used pumpkin puree in this rustic loaf. Sourdough bread already tastes so good, but with pumpkin puree it's divine. Try it out!


Extra Moisture

Healthier, tastier, and more colourful bakes. Pumpkin puree can do it all. And did we say extra moist? Oh yes, that one too!

Pumpkin Babka Cake

We bet you can't wait to give pumpkin puree a try. So, pick any of the previous recipes or try this healthy makeover of the classic babka: it's utterly delicious!

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