7 Healthy Breakfasts For Weight Loss

Discover 7 healthy breakfast ideas to curb cravings, feel full for longer, and kick start your weight loss. They're tasty and easy to make!


Blueberry Chia Pudding

Soluble fibres in chia seeds form a gel that expands in your stomach, so you'll feel satiated until lunchtime. Add them to this creamy blueberry pudding for a delicious breakfast!


Flax and Cashew Granola

Forget those sugary breakfast cereals and try this healthy flaxseed granola instead. Just like chia seeds, flaxseeds slow digestion and reduce appetite — awesome!


Green Tea Kiwi Smoothie

You can never go wrong with a green smoothie. Whizz nutrient-rich kiwis, fat-burning green tea powder, and high-protein yogurt for the ultimate weight loss smoothie!

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Strawberry Chia Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a must for weight loss. Oats have filling fibres, proteins, and slow-digesting carbs, and keep your blood sugars at bay. Bye-bye cravings!


Low-Carb Burrito

For those who love a savoury breakfast but want to trim that belly fat, this low-carb burrito is spot on. Eggs are so filling you'll actually end up eating less later in the day. Super!


Overnight Mango Lassi

Ever had Lassi? It's a delicious Indian smoothie-like drink. We made ours with vegan yoghurt, juicy mango, and weight-loss friendly oats! Swipe to try.


Goji Bircher Muesli

Filling oats and high-protein yogurt come together into a deliciously creamy bircher muesli. Make it the night before for a speedy breakfast your waistline will thank you for!

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