8 Healthy Desserts Made Without Sugar


Cinnamon Apple Pie

Let's start with an all-time favourite: homemade apple pie. No refined sugars, only apples and dates!


Dark Chocolate Lamingtons

This classic Aussie treat will be your new favourite: a spongy cube covered in chocolate and coconut shavings. All made with no refined sugars! Check out how.


Sweet Potato Chocolate Pie

Yes, you can use sweet potatoes to make creamy pie fillings! They are a brilliant way to replace white sugar. Give it a try!


Rose Pudding

Looking for something exotic? This Middle Eastern pudding will deliver! And we used a little magic ingredient to make it totally sugar-free. Find out what!

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Tofu Chocolate Mousse

Looking for a healthy way to make vegan chocolate mousse? Try using silken tofu! And for sweetness, ditch the sugars and use some dates instead.


Pistachio Banana Gelato

No list of desserts is complete without ice cream! So many ways to flavour it, but only one way to make it healthy. Swipe up and learn how!


Cauli Brownies

Would you believe these glorious-looking brownies are made with cauliflowers?! That's right. And not a grain of sugar! Magic.


Yellow Sesame Cake

Let's finish up with this soft-as-cloud semolina cake. If you like tahini, you'll be all over this one! No refined sugars here, just a drizzle of maple syrup.

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