8 Healthy Foods To Stop Sugar Cravings

When sugar cravings strike, don't reach out for unhealthy snacks. Instead, nourish yourself with these 8 healthy foods. Discover them all, plus easy recipe ideas!



Dates are chewy, sweet, and taste like caramel. It's like eating candy but without the downsides, as they're naturally rich in fibres and healthy nutrients.


Tofu & Yogurt

One of the best ways to control sugar cravings is to eat more proteins. So, have a cup of Greek yogurt or blended silken tofu with a snack to keep them in check.

Healthy Snack Idea #1

You can put together this delicious chocolate mousse in just a few minutes. All you need is dates, tofu, and cocoa. So healthy and yet satisfying!

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Dark Chocolate

Good news folks: no need to give up chocolate! Just make a healthier choice and opt for extra dark, 80%+ chocolate. It's much lower in sugars and rich in beneficial antioxidants.



Just like yogurt and tofu, beans are rich in filling proteins which curb sugar cravings. Not sure how to make a sweet snack out of beans? Check out our next recipe idea!

Healthy Snack Idea #2

Say hello to the healthiest brownies ever! Dark chocolate, black beans, and dates come together into a healthy yet indulgent treat. Give them a go!


Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a super healthy food that helps fight sugar cravings. Why? They can absorb water and swell up, taking a lot of space in your stomach. So, you'll feel full for longer!



Forget those sugary juices and sodas, and have a cup of healthful berries instead. They taste sweet, but they're actually super low in sugars. Bye-bye sweet cravings!

Healthy Snack Idea #3

Ever tried chia pudding? It looks like a fancy dessert but it's so easy to make. And you can level it up with blueberries and yogurt. The perfect cravings-fighting snack.



If you want to beat sugar cravings, cinnamon works wonders. This delightful spice helps level off your blood sugars, so you'll less likely to get cravings in the first place.



Eating more fibres helps steady the stream of energy from the food you eat, preventing energy crashes and sugar cravings. Oats are fibre-packed and you should have them regularly!

Healthy Snack Idea #4

When your energies are low, have one of these power balls. Bite-sized morsels of wholesome oats, sweet cinnamon, and filling nuts. Healthy and delicious!

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