8 Healthy Homemade Energy Snacks


Snacking To Recharge

When your energies are low and hunger strikes, having a snack can tide you over till the next meal. But what's the best (and healthiest) snack for energy?

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Balanced, Nutritious Snacks

Don't load up on sugary or carb-heavy foods, but opt for a more balanced and nutritious snack. Even better if it's homemade. You'll feel full and energised for longer!

Energy Snack Ideas

These 8 healthy snacks have the right balance of complex carbs, fibres, proteins, and healthy fats to keep your energy levels up. Sweet and savoury ideas you can try today!


Berry Blast Chia Pudding

Want a snack that feels like a dessert? This creamy pudding is spot on! Stack chia seeds, yogurt, and berries in a jar, seal it, and bring it with you. But first, grab the recipe below!


Goji Berry Oat Power Balls

These energy balls draw their power from wholesome oats, nut butter, and goji berries. Have a couple of these healthy morsels and feel instantly recharged!

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Sunshine Smoothie

Sweet mangos give you a quick energy burst, but oats will keep you up and running for long. Whizz them with high-protein soy milk for a truly balanced smoothie!


Hazelnut Puffed Rice Bars

Hidden sugars in ready-made energy bars will leave you drained in a matter of hours. These all-natural bars instead will power you up without slowing you down!

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Purple Sweet Potato Chips

Air-fry or bake these purple chips for a low-fat alternative to fried chips. They're fun, satisfying, and healthy too. The perfect savoury snack to nibble on!

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Pink Beetroot Hummus

Dip those chips in creamy hummus for a more filling snack. Our recipe with beets cuts down on beans to reduce carbs. Give it a go!


Crunchy Flaxseed Crackers

These aren't just crunchy crackers, but a nutrient powerhouse thanks to wholemeal flour and flaxseeds. Dip them in guacamole for the ultimate healthy snack!


Maple Baked Bean Toast

This brilliant toast is a like a concentrated, mini-meal. And it takes only 10 minutes to put together. The perfect snack when you're so hungry you can't wait any longer!

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