8 Healthy Ice Cream Recipes to Make This Summer

Delicious ice cream without all the fats and sugars? It's possible! Here are 8 simple ways to make healthy ice cream at home.


Jackfruit Coconut Ice Cream

If you're dreaming of a tropical beach right now, this recipe is for you. Made with two of the most delicious and flavour-packed exotic fruits. Oh, and no need for sugar or dairy!


Pistachio "Nice" Cream

Let's travel to Italy now, the home of gelato. Pistachio ice cream is a classic, but we revisited the original recipe and made it sugar-free, low-fat, and fully vegan. Wow!


Caramel Swirl Banana Ice Cream

Salted caramel ice cream is a summer favourite, but quite high in sugars. So, why not try our low-sugar makeover with bananas and dates? You'll love it!

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Matcha Avocado Sorbet

And if you want a totally sugar-free recipe, this green tea sorbet is spot on. It's creamy, satisfying and energising. You won't even need an ice cream machine!


Lavender Ice Cream

Looking for a new, exciting flavour? This lavender ice cream has a wonderful floral taste and lush purple colour. Get those cones ready, and let's make it together!


Cashew Mango Kulfi

Much creamier than a classic gelato, kulfi is the Indian version of ice cream. We kept the creaminess but gave it a big protein boost with cashews. Check it out!


No-Sugar Stracciatella Gelato

Choc chip ice cream is another Italian favourite. We found a clever, yet simple way to make it without any added sugar. Want to know how? Tap below and find out!


No-Churn Mango Sorbet

Let's finish with this easy-as-pie fruity sorbet. No need to use a machine, nor to churn it. All you need is overripe mangos and a blender!

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