Get rid of junk foods with these 9 healthy alternatives


Heaps of Chips

Can't live without a trusty bag of chips? Eat these low-carb beetroot chips instead!


Low Fat Ice Cream

Ice cream is pure happiness, we know. But all those fats? Ugh. Try this vegan nice cream and be merry!


Rainbow Carrots in a Blanket

Bring a little parcel of goodness to your next home party, with these adorable vegan "pigs" in a blanket!


Say No to Carbonated Drinks

Put down that Mountain Dew, and try out this natural and sugar-free plum juice.

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


No juicing machine required!


A Healthier Snack Bar

Making your own healthy snack bars is super easy. Try out these amazing rice bars with raisins and hazelnuts!


Super Low-Carb Cookies

Looking for a healthy cookie recipe? These cauliflower chocolate chip cookies are the lightest cookies you'll ever have. Try them!


A Healthier Crunch

Can't give up crunchy snacks? Try out these honey-roasted cashews with turmeric.


Refreshing Fruit Sorbet

Can't get your loved ones excited about eating fruit? Give them this sugar-free mango sorbet!


Start your day right

You know what they say? A handful of sugar-free granola a day, keeps the doctor away!

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