10 Healthy Lunch Ideas Ready in 30 Minutes


Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Banish lunch boredom with this mighty sandwich! We took the Moroccan Chickpea Salad recipe and adapted it to make this portable lunch meal. Yum!


Lebanese Potato Salad

If salads are your game, we've got plenty in this list! First, try this refreshing potato salad with grapefruit. It's zesty, fresh, and super nutritious.


Pea Hummus Wrap

Here's another portable lunch idea you'll love: high-fibre wholemeal wrap with pea hummus and spicy coleslaw. Quick and easy!


GF Pasta Salad

Gluten intolerant? Try this quinoa pasta salad with pistachio pesto, broad beans, olives and cherry tomatoes. Perfect for lunch as it's great cold!

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Spicy Edamame Salad

Love edamame? Then put this spicy salad in your lunch box and be merry! Absolute lip-smacking stuff.


Harissa Pasta Salad

One of our favourites: harissa pasta salad with summer veggies. Perfect for the hot season! And being a pasta salad, it's delicious both warm and cold. Try it!


Moroccan Cauliflower Rice

Did you know you can make low-carb rice using cauliflower? See it in action in this delicious Moroccan-style meal!


Vegan Tuna Pasta Salad

Vegan tuna you ask? Oh, yes! Let us show you how easy it is to make! And then, use it in this delicious pasta salad.


Rainbow Salad

Enjoy a nutritious and refreshing salad with a colourful mix of fruit and veggies. Discover which ones we used below!


Barley Tabbouleh

Here, we made a flavourful and lunch-ready tabbouleh using barley instead of bulgur wheat and topped with elegant tenderstem broccoli. Simple yet impressive!

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