Healthy Overnight Breakfasts 6 Ways

Simplify Your Mornings

Not enough time to make breakfast? These make-ahead recipe ideas are a lifesaver: prep them the night before, ready for the next day!


Flax & Buckwheat Pots

This nutritious brekkie has just two steps: soak the groats overnight and blitz with flaxseeds. Then, enjoy it with healthy toppings!


No-Cook Matcha Oatmeal

Why bother cooking oats when you can soak them overnight? Add in energising matcha, blueberries, and seeds, and you're good to go!

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Goji Berry Apple Muesli

Or try this other combo for your overnight oats: crisp apples, sweet cinnamon, and superfood Goji berries. Pure health in a jar!


Tofu Strawberry Chia Pudding

Going to the gym early? This make-ahead chia pudding is perfect to build muscle and recover after a workout. And it's fully plant-based!


Oaty Mango Lassi

Whizz an Indian-style lassi smoothie with oats and let it thicken overnight for a delightfully creamy breakfast. Give it a go!


Berry Oat Groats Bowl

And if you want to try those trendy, super-healthy oat groats for breakfast, here's an overnight trick to half the prepping time!

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