8 Healthy Pantry Foods You Should Always Have

When you don't have healthy foods at home, you're more likely to order out or grab an unhealthy snack. What should you do instead? Stock up on healthy pantry staples!

Not sure which staples you should have? Let's start with these 8 healthy foods. So, go shopping, pile them up in your pantry, and then try them in our 4 recipe ideas!


Nut Butter

Nut butter is durable, nutritious, and so satisfying. But skip those brands with added sugars and salt, or try making it yourself from raw nuts. It's super easy!



Dried dates make a healthy snack when you're craving something sweet. And you can also use them in bakes and desserts instead of sugar — and in savoury recipes too!

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Healthy Recipe Idea #1

Got dates and nut butter? Here's how you can turn them into wholesome energy bars! Bake a big batch, and you'll have a healthy snack always at the ready.



Beans can last months in your pantry. And they're one the healthiest foods ever. Buy them in bulk, soak when needed, and toss them in salads, casseroles, and stews.


Tomato Sauce

A humble can of tomato sauce can be the base of countless dishes, like pasta, curries, and even soups. And that's why you should always have some at hand!

Healthy Recipe Idea #2

Grab tinned chickpeas and tomato sauce, and we'll show you how to make this hearty okra stew. A simple and nutritious meal that's also budget-friendly.


Whole Grains

You may already have some grains in your pantry. But what about some nutritious whole grains? Think brown rice, whole wheat pasta, oats, and even quinoa.


Curry Powder

Curry powder is a mix of the healthiest spices and herbs. It's cheap, versatile, and makes everything so incredibly tasty. A must-have in your cupboard.

Healthy Recipe Idea #3

Brown rice and curry power are at home in this Indian favourite. A glorious biryani that will make the whole family happy. Swipe up and try it tonight!


Nutritional Yeast

This savoury flakes of inactive yeast are a pantry upgrade you should try. Why? They last for ages, and just a spoonful boosts your meals with complete proteins and vitamin B12!


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A staple in the Mediterranean diet, e.v. olive oil cannot miss in your pantry. It's perfect for drizzling and sautéing and has healthy fats good for your heart.

Healthy Recipe Idea #4

Finish off this creamy pea pasta with a nice drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast. It bursts with goodness, and it's incredibly tasty!

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