10 Healthy Recipes for Sugar Cravings

Why Do Your Crave Sugar?

Sweet cravings strike when blood sugar levels are off balance. The solution? Keep them in check with high-protein, high-fibre, and naturally sweet foods.

10 Healthy Alternative Treats

We rounded up 10 healthy treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth and at the same time stop cravings from coming back. They're delicious and easy to make!


Fudgy Black Bean Brownies

Did you know you can use mashed black beans to make gooey brownies? Not an ounce of sugar, butter, or refined flour. Fight sugar cravings with plant-based goodness!


Tofu Chocolate Mousse

If chocolate is on your mind, give this mousse a go. It's high in protein and without added sugars. All you need are three healthy ingredients: cocoa, tofu, and dates.

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Blueberry Pudding

Proteins are so satiating, and eating more of them helps stop sugar cravings at the source. So, try this protein pudding with chia seeds, yogurt, and low-sugar blueberries!


Carrot Cake Energy Balls

These little morsels taste just like a slice of carrot cake. But without all that nasty refined sugar. Just wholesome oats, grated carrots, and warming spices.


Three-Flavours Smoothie

Ditch those pesky sodas and try this out: a cute layered smoothie with chocolate, banana, and strawberry. Yummy!


Oat Banana Flapjacks

When your energies are low, sugar cravings creep in. So, refuel with one of these healthy energy bars. Just oats, mashed bananas and nut butter. Low-sugar and so nutritious!


Puffed Rice Hazelnut Bars

Here's another power bar you should definitely try. Made with puffed brown rice instead of oats. Plus, chewy raisins and crunchy hazelnuts. Pure energy!


Sweet Potato Oat Cookies

You can curb sugar cravings naturally with sweet potatoes. They're creamy, delicious, and sweet. And you can even use them in your cookie dough instead of sugar!


Choc Chip Cauliflower Cookies

This easy recipe will come as a big surprise. Using clever ingredients, you can bake delicious cookies with virtually zero sugars. Swipe up and discover how!


Chickpea Raspberry Blondies

After black bean brownies, it's time for chickpea blondies. The healthiest blondies ever! Get your sugar fix with just wholesome ingredients, no nasties.

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