8 Healthy Seasonal Recipes to Make This March


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Kiwi Clementine Oatmeal

If you like a hot bowl of porridge for breakfast, you'll love this fruity oatmeal! We made it with silken tofu for extra creaminess and a protein boost.

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Cauliflower Crumble

Cauliflowers are a versatile winter vegetable, available till the end of March. Use them in this saucy casserole dish topped with crunchy nuts and oats!


Cajun Rutabaga Chips

Use rutabagas for homemade healthy chips. Bake them instead of frying them and toss with Cajun seasoning for a flavourful kick!


Spinach Apple Smoothie

Nothing says "healthy" more than a green smoothie. This one combines seasonal spinach and apples with filling oats and yogurt.


Leek Mushroom Soup

Leeks and mushrooms are cheap and delicious veggies available in March. Blend them into this white bean soup and enjoy it with crunchy croutons!


Pineapple Curry

Craving curry for dinner? Make it with pineapple chunks, green chillies, and coconut yogurt for a delicious tropical spin. Try it out — you'll love it!

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Mango Oat Smoothie

March is when mangoes are their best: juicy and sweet. Whizz them into this healthy breakfast smoothie and taste the sunshine!


Pear Banana Bread

This fruity breakfast loaf is both vegan and sugar-free, as wholesome and healthy as it can be. Tap below and let's make it together!

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