7 Hearty Healthy Soups for Weight Loss

These 7 healthy soups burst with weight-loss-boosting fibres and proteins, all in under 500 calories. Find your favourite and tuck into it!


Roasted Mushroom Cashew Soup

Love mushroom soup? Try this healthy version with soaked and blended cashews instead of heavy cream. So silky and delicious!


Goji Berry Tofu Soup

Whizz sweet goji berries with roasted peppers and serve this colourful soup with seared tofu for a good dose of proteins!


Black Bean Paprika Orange Soup

This healthy bean soup pairs spicy paprika with sweet and tangy oranges. It's a tasty combo that will surprise you. Don't miss it!

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Kale Chickpea Pumpkin Soup

Ultra-filling and deeply nourishing, this wintery soup is perfect for when you crave a hearty meal that'll fit into your diet plan!


Purple Cabbage Beet Soup

Bring some colour into those grey winter days with this purple soup. It's great for your mood and good for your diet too!


Cinnamon Red Lentil soup

Rich in proteins and fibres, lentils are the perfect weight loss food. So, grab our recipe and make this wonderful golden soup!


Creamy Spinach Barley Soup

Bring together pears, spinach, and peas into a diet-perfect green soup. You'll stock up on greens, fibres, and proteins all in one swoop!

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