Healthy Sugar Swaps To Lose Belly Fat

Belly Fat and Sugar

Belly fat is often caused by a diet high in sugary foods and sodas: they spike blood sugars and are quickly stored as fat.

Healthy Alternatives

So, we rounded up 6 healthy sugar swaps to help you fight and prevent belly fat, plus recipe ideas you can try right away!


Berry-Blast Smoothie

Juices filter out precious sugar-regulating fibres, but a smoothie packs the whole fruit. Whizz it with low-carb blueberries in the recipe below!


Homemade Oat Balls

These yummy bites are chewy, naturally sweet, and way more nutritious than candies. Try them in our "carrot cake" flavour!

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No-Sugar Lemonade

Made with natural erythritol sweetener, lemons, and matcha, this invigorating drink is a healthier alternative to sugary sodas!


Easy Overnight Oats

Leave oats to soak overnight with fruit and yoghurt, ready for the next morning — as practical as breakfast cereals but lower in sugar!


Almond Butter Bars

If candy bars are your weak spot, have these nutty bars instead, made with bananas for all-natural sweetness.


Chia Pudding Pots

Finally, use chia seeds to make super healthy puddings. Start with this coconut chai latte combo — you'll love it!

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