3 Healthy Summer Dinner Menus

Looking for fresh recipes for this week? Try our 3 summer dinner menus. Each comes with easy meal ideas for a main, side, and even a healthy dessert!

Menu #1

Our first menu celebrates the freshest and tastiest ingredients in season. And you can prepare all the meals ahead of time! Sounds good? Let's go!


Roasted Eggplant Harissa Pasta

This satisfying pasta salad packs a ton of flavour from roasted veggies and spicy harissa, plus healthy proteins from chickpeas. And it's great cold too!


Grilled Peach Fava Bean Salad

Made with grilled peaches, blueberries, and fava beans, this healthy salad locks the best flavours of summer. The perfect side dish for your al fresco dinner!

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Maple-Cashews Fruit Salad

This fruit salad rounds up our first menu. It's a quick and fresh dessert idea you can put together in minutes. Top it up with maple-roasted cashews for a crunchy finish!

Menu #2

Ok now, time for our second dinner menu. We've got a summer classic, a super fun nibble, and a beautiful dessert coming on. So, let's jump in!


Spiced Chickpea Potato Salad

There's no summer without a good potato salad on your dinner table. This one borrows from traditional Lebanese cuisine for an all-new recipe idea! Don't miss it!


Walnut Stuffed Zucchini Cups

These little morsels are so fun to prepare! Carve cups out of zucchini and stuff them with our basil walnut mix before baking them. Delicious, and cute too!


Almond Rose Pudding

This summer pudding looks fancy, but it's actually a breeze to make! Let it set in the fridge while you have dinner, and enjoy it in the freshness of your patio.

Menu #3

Our third and last menu includes a super easy sorbet. There's no summer without ice cream, right!? But no worries, you'll also have two healthy savoury meals!


Tahini Barley Tabbouleh

First is this quick tabbouleh. A fresh salad made with chewy barley, curly parsley, and a rich sesame dressing. And the good thing is you can pack any leftovers for the next day!


Red Chicory Lentil Salad

Then, we have this glorious salad bursting with goodness. Lentil and chia seeds level up the protein count, while blueberries give a nice antioxidant boost!


No-Sugar Mango Sorbet

And now, the healthiest sorbet recipe ever. And the fastest. Just frozen mangoes, and nothing else. The perfect end to a happy (and healthy) summer dinner!

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