7 Alternative Ways to Make Super Healthy Vegan Brownies



Gooey Zucchini Brownies

Let's start with something special: ultra gooey brownies made with zucchini instead of flour. Incredibly healthy and also gluten-free!

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Indulgent Mug Brownies

What if you could indulge in mouth-watering brownies without getting your fingers dirty? Now you can! Try these delicious single-portion mug brownies and rejoice.


Aromatic Rosemary Brownies

Spices go really well with brownies. Rosemary and chocolate in particular make a heck of a combo. Try these out!


Low-Carb Cauliflower Brownies

You won't believe these beautiful brownies are made with cauliflowers instead of flour! They are incredibly delicious and low-carb, and you won't even taste the caulis!

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Energizing Matcha Brownies

Enjoy all the amazing health benefits of green tea with these energizing matcha brownies. We added in some crunchy almonds for extra pleasure.


High Protein Hemp Brownies

Do you need a protein boost but can't give up the gooey treats? We made these super healthy and high-protein hemp brownies for you. Check them out!

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Chickpea Blondies

Last but not least: super nutritious blondies! We made them with chickpeas, raspberries, and dark chocolate chips. Oh, my!

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