10 Vegan Dinners Ready in 30 Minutes


Vegan Hungarian Goulash

Get a taste of the original Hungarian Goulash, only without any meat! It's really tasty and quick.


Mushroom Curry (Kerala Style)

Curry lovers: give this rich vegan curry a go! It's made with juicy king oyster mushrooms. Bye bye chicken!


Creamy Pea Pasta

Get your fix of greens and fibres with this wholemeal creamy pea pasta. As easy to make as it is yummy!


Mushroom Shawarma

Shawarma lovers, listen up! We made your favourite wrap vegan and ultra healthy by swapping lamb with crispy king oyster mushrooms. Divine!

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Pumpkin Kale Soup

Come next autumn, try out this soup. You'll love it! Inspired by the classic Tuscan kale soup — but vegan.


Nasi Goreng

In this Indonesian classic dish, we swapped out the meat but kept all the proteins. Check out how!


Jackfruit Tikka Masala

This classic British favourite is traditionally made with chicken. Well, here's how to use jackfruit instead!


Glass Noodles Pad Thai

And now, over to Thailand: but with a twist! We made the classic Pad Thai both vegan and used special noodles. Learn more!


Beet Barley Risotto

We love this recipe and always make it when we want to impress our guests. Works all the time!


Meatless Bamia (Okra Stew)

Let's round up with a homage to the Middle East with this tasty one bowl meal. Must try for okra lovers!

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