10 Healthy Vegan Meal Prep Ideas For Weight Loss

Meal Prepping for Weight Loss

Weight loss and meal prep go hand in hand. A meal planned and prepared ahead is sure to be healthy, nutritious, and worry-free. No slipping into unhealthy takeaways!

10 Vegan Meal Prep Ideas

So, set aside an hour this Sunday, get your trusty tupperware ready, and let's batch cook these 10 healthy meals. All come with the perfect balance of proteins, veggies, and grains!


Red Lentil Mushroom Pasta Salad

Pasta salads are born to be boxed up and popped into the fridge. This yummy recipe uses red lentil pasta, a gluten-free alternative that also levels up your protein count!


Roasted Buckwheat Bean Salad

Full of flavour and high in proteins, buckwheat makes a great base for salads, ready for all sorts of healthy toppings. Try it with tender broccoli, red beans, and crunchy walnuts!

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Peanut Edamame Rice Salad

A batch of cooked wholegrain rice can go a long way. You can pan-fry it with edamame, sweet soy sauce, and crunchy peanuts for a filling and tasty make-ahead meal!


Spiced Chickpeas "Cauli Rice" Bowl

With bowl recipes, you can easily combine lots of healthy ingredients in one single dish. Here, we used low-carb cauliflower rice, raw kale, and paprika chickpeas. Insanely healthy!


Pesto & Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl

And how about this other glorious bowl? Quinoa, sweet potatoes, and black beans topped with tahini basil pesto. Batch cook it and portion it for a tasty meal that's got all you need!


Green Pea Hummus Wrap

Want to meal prep your lunches in a flash? Then, handy wraps are the way to go. Like this wholesome tortilla wrap filled with green hummus and yogurt coleslaw — give it a go!


Smashed Chickpea Avocado Sandwich

And this satisfying sandwich is just as brilliant! Use whole wheat bread for extra fibres, and stuff it with our creamy bean filling. Surprisingly easy and incredibly healthy!


Chilli Lentil Burger

Use lentils to make a low-fat burger and serve it with tahini dressing and whole wheat buns. Double up the recipe and freeze the patties to get dinner ready on busy days!


Saucy Red Bean Stew

This hearty bean stew makes a comforting weeknight dinner. And it packs well for the next day. And it freezes even better for the rest of the week! Swipe up and try it tonight.


Pea & Spinach Barley Soup

This healthy green soup has a healthy combo of spinach, peas, and pears. Prepare a big batch and freeze it into individual portions. Your weekly dinners are sorted!

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