8 Healthy Vegan Meals to Double Up and Freeze

Busy week ahead? Here are 8 healthy vegan recipes ideas you can double up and freeze, ready for another day!


Curried Mung Bean Falafels

Turn a batch of cooked beans into delicious falafels, perfect for freezing. Try our healthy baked recipe with an Indian twist!


Kale Pumpkin Stew with Peanuts

Have this wintery soup for dinner and box up a few portions in the freezer. And when you crave a cosy meal, just microwave it!


Saucy Chickpea Moussaka

Nothing is more freezer-friendly than a casserole. You can even save it in the freezer uncooked and then bake it another day!

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Beany Coconut Green Curry

Grab a big pot and batch-cook this exotic curry. Then, freeze the leftovers, ready for curry night when you don't feel like cooking!


Quinoa Power Buddha Bowl

Get your lunches sorted with this nutritious all-in-one bowl. Double or triple the recipe, fill up your lunch boxes, and freeze!


Zucchini Corn Fritters

These yummy fritters are born for freezing and finishing up leftover veggies. Oh, and they're baked, not fried!


Kale Pesto White Soup

You can prep and freeze this super-soup in a flash. And you'll have a comforting meal waiting for your when you're home late!


Sumac-Spiced Red Bean Stew

This Middle Eastern dish is big in flavour and packed with nutrients. And if you double it and freeze it, you can enjoy it again very soon!

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