8 Healthy Ways to Use Apples in the Kitchen


Vegan Apple Pie

There's nothing as homey and cosy as a warm slice of apple pie — now 100% vegan with our easy recipe!


Apple Cabbage Fritters

Add grated apples to your veggie fritters for a hint of sweetness, freshness and a nice crunch. Delicious!


Apple Raspberry Jam

Ever tried making jam with apples? They thicken your preserves naturally so you can cut down on that nasty added sugar.


Applesauce Frosting

Want a healthier frosting? Hello applesauce! Mix it with nut butter or melted dark chocolate for a brilliant cake icing.

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Apple Bircher Muesli

Isn't it great when you can make an amazing breakfast by letting things soak overnight? This apple muesli is just that: lots of flavour with zero hassle!


Green Apple Smoothie

Packed with fibres and plant-based proteins, this green smoothie is perfect for breakfast or after a workout — ready in a flash!


Apple Breakfast Loaf

Use leftover apples to rustle up a spongy and fruity loaf that will satisfy your sweet tooth while fuelling your day with wholesome goodness.


Apple Chips

Swap that bag of fried crips with these healthy apple chips, ready in as little as 15 minutes with your air-fryer!

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