9 Healthy Winter Recipes For Weight Loss


Cauliflower Crumble

Turn this humble winter veggie into a mouthwatering casserole dish with a creamy heart and crunchy topping. It's low in fats and high in fibres!


Baked Red Cabbage Fritters

Here is a fun and tasty recipe idea with red cabbage, a low-calorie and healthful winter veggie. Also vegan and gluten-free!


Beet & Kale Smoothie

This healthy smoothie is loaded with filling fibres that will keep you full for longer and curb cravings. And it's incredibly tasty!


Apple Bircher Muesli

This nutritious overnight muesli is the perfect day-starter for folks on a diet. It has all you need to feel great and stay satiated till lunchtime!

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Broccoli & Buckwheat Bowl

This wintery salad packs loads of plant-based proteins that will keep you full for long. It's great hot and cold and perfect for meal prepping!


Sweet Potato Bowl with Tahini Pesto

Take your prettiest bowl and we'll help you fill it with lots of nutritious and delicious superfoods with less than 500 calories!


Orange & Red Cabbage Soup

Ever tried red cabbage and oranges together? They're truly delicious! Give them a go in this low-calorie soup perfect for warming up.


Hot Paprika Goulash

This hearty stew is our vegan spin on the Hungarian goulash, meatless but just as tasty. And each bowl comes with a third of the fats — perfect for dieters!


Hazelnut Apple Bread

We have selected the right mix of ingredients to bring you a wholesome breakfast loaf that's as healthy as delicious. Enjoy it without worries!

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