5 Hemp Seed Recipes for a Protein Boost

A Real Super-Seed

Did you know hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious? Even more than other super-seeds like chia. And they're so easy to add to your diet. Here are 5 ways to eat more of them!

What Are Hemp Seeds?

But first, what are these seeds? Hemp seeds come from the hemp plant. And no, they won't get you high! Instead, they burst with tons of proteins and healthy omega-3 fats.

A Blast of Proteins

Imagine that, weight by weight, hemp seeds pack twice the amount of proteins than chia seeds and tofu. And almost as many proteins as meat!

Perfect For Vegans

And on top of this, hemp seeds' proteins are complete. This means they contain all the essential amino acids. The perfect protein boost in plant-based diets!

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How Do You Eat Hemp Seeds?

Ok, hemp seeds are great. But how do you eat them? You usually find hemp seeds shelled, also called hemp hearts. They're soft, white-green seeds with a nutty flavour!

Hemp Seed Recipes to Try

You can use hemp seeds in so many ways! Sprinkle them on salads, cereals, and yogurt, or add them to smoothies and bakes. Here are 5 easy and delicious recipes you can try!


Hemp Tofu Waffles

Let's start with these wonderful waffles. Hemp seeds, silken tofu, and almonds bump up the protein count for a healthier breakfast. Top them with berries and yogurt, and enjoy!


Hemp Black Bean Brownies

Here's how you turn an unhealthy treat into a power snack. These chocolaty brownies pack tons of proteins, yet are low in sugars and fats. And they're as fudgy as ever!


3-Seed Hemp Cookies

These breakfast oat cookies bring together three of the most nutritious seeds ever. And they don't have an ounce of added sugars. It can't get healthier that this!


Hemp Power Balls

Here's where hemp seeds really shine: high-protein energy balls. Stash a few of these beauties in your bag, ready when you need a healthy pick-me-up!


Blue Smoothie Bowl with Hemp

This blue smoothie bowl packs not one, but three superfoods. A blast of nutrients. And it's so easy to make — swipe up and find out how!

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