5 High-Carb Foods Actually Good for Weight Loss

Diet-Friendly Carbs

Dieting doesn’t mean giving up carbs. Some high-carb foods are so rich in filling fibres that are actually very good for weight loss.

5 Healthy Carb Foods

So, we rounded up the top 5 healthy carbs for you, plus recipe ideas to easily add to your meal plan!



With their complex carbs and soluble fibres, oats fill you for longer and slow down calorie absorption. Hello morning oatmeal!



Natural sugars in apples satisfy your sweet tooth, while their fibres prevent blood sugar spikes that lead to weight gain.

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


Recipe Idea #1

So, why not put together a healthy weight-loss breakfast with oats and apples? This bircher muesli pot is just perfect!



This pseudocereal counts as a healthy whole grain and comes with proteins, too, which boost metabolism and curb hunger.


Sweet Potatoes

Like oats, sweet potatoes are rich in soluble fibres that help you feel full with fewer calories. The perfect swap for white bread or pasta!

Recipe Idea #2

For lunch, dish up a diet-friendly Buddha bowl with quinoa, sweet potatoes, and beans. Delicious with our tahini dressing!



With few fats yet lots of fibre and proteins, beans like chickpeas should be on every dieter’s menu. And there are so many ways to enjoy them!

Recipe Idea #3

For example, you can prepare a low-calorie chickpea stew for dinner with kale, pumpkin, and roasted peanuts!

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