5 High-Energy Breakfasts to Fight Fatigue

Increase Your Morning Energy

If you wake up already feeling exhausted or have low energy throughout the day, it’s time to add some energy-boosting foods to your breakfast!

Energy-Giving Foods

Foods rich in complex carbs, proteins, and nutrients like iron, magnesium, and B vitamins help you fight fatigue and feel energised.

Energy Breakfast Ideas

To help you get started, we put together the breakfast foods that give you the most energy into 5 healthy, tasty recipes!


Supercharge Smoothie

Made with beets, bananas, dates, and mighty kale, this power smoothie provides an instant energy boost from the first sip!

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Almond Mushroom Toast

This vegan toast packs wholesome, high-energy foods like nuts and wholemeal bread to keep your energy levels up for longer.


High-Iron Smoothie Bowl

Every ingredient in this brekkie bowl is there to boost your intake of iron, an essential nutrient for energy. Fuel for your morning!


Chia Seed Power Parfait

Stack and layer the most energy-giving foods into a protein parfait: chia seeds, almonds, tofu and dark chocolate. It's cute and tasty, too!


Beany Loaded Toast

With an impressive nutrient profile, beans are a great food against low energy: so pile them up onto this healthy breakfast toast!

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