1-Day High-Fibre Diet Challenge

Fibres For Weight Loss

Eating more fibres is incredibly good for weight loss. Fibres make you feel full for longer and curb hunger. This means you'll eat less during the day and lose weight naturally!

1-Day High-Fibre Plan

Want to give fibres a go? Join us in this 1-day high-fibre diet challenge, and see how you feel! It's a full-day plan with a whopping 60 grams of fibre — all in just 1800 calories!

How Does It Work?

You'll have 7 high-fibre recipes that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks. And even a dessert! Follow along, and drink plenty of water. Ready? Let's go!


Redcurrant Oat Groats Porridge

Start the day with a glorious bowl of porridge. Ever made it with oat groats? They're more wholesome and higher in fibres than rolled oats. And tastier too!

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3-Seed Cookies

Enjoy your mid-morning coffee break with a couple of these healthy cookies. Flax, chia, and hemp seeds pack fibres and proteins, sure to tie you over till lunch time!


Moroccan Chickpea Bowl

This wonderful salad will make your lunch box the happiest (and healthiest) at the office! Goji berries and pistachios on a bed of veggies. Plus a spicy Moroccan dressing you'll love!


Beet Crisps

Once you've cleaned up that lunch box, munch on these beet chips! Crunchy, full of flavour, and bursting with fibres. Tap below, and see how we've made them!


Chia Raspberry Smoothie

This berry smoothie is a delicious afternoon snack you can enjoy at your desk. Much healthier than a sugary candy bar. And it's so creamy it feels almost like a dessert!


Creamy Pea Pasta

After a hard day at work, you deserve a satisfying dinner. And this pasta recipe can be rustled up in just 30 minutes! Lots of fibres, lot of flavour, and minimal effort!


Blue Chia Pudding

Got space for dessert? Enjoy this colourful pudding made with fibre-rich chia seeds. Top it with yogurt and berries, and finish your day with a bang!

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