10 High-Fibre, Low-Fat Recipes For Weight-Loss

Tweaks For a Healthy Diet

Want to make your diet healthier? Then, bump up the fibres and cut out unhealthy fats. But this doesn't mean giving up all your favourite foods. Just make clever swaps!

High-Fibre, Low-Fat Meal Ideas

How? Let us show you with these 10 meal ideas, from sweet to savoury! They're packed with fibres, yet low in fats. So healthy and delicious too! Are you ready?


Baked Mung Bean Falafels

Falafels are such delightful morsels. But can they be made healthier? Oh, yes! Swap chickpeas with high-fibre mung beans and bake the patties instead of frying them. Easy!


Cornmeal "Spinners" Bean Soup

Replacing red or cured meat with beans lets you level up the fibres and drop the fats in one swoop. So, make this red bean soup for dinner. It's bold, hearty, and so healthy!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


3-Seed Applesauce Cookies

Don't want to give up eating cookies? You don't have to! Low-fat applesauce can replace butter and eggs, while seeds and oats boost up the fibres. Try them in the recipe below!


Raspberry Chia Smoothie

And why not pair those yummy cookies with a delicious smoothie? But not just any smoothie: this pink smoothie with a whopping 13 grams of fibres and no saturated fats!


Vegan Scotch Broth

We talked about beans' benefits earlier, but whole grains are just as good! So, tip brown rice or barley into this comforting stew, and see your fibre count skyrocket!


Jackfruit Gyros

You saw this glorious Greek wrap on the first page. Want to know how we've made it low-fat and high-fibre? It's down to 4 clever swaps. Tap below and find out which ones!


Chickpea Okra Stew

This recipe is inspired by the classic Middle Eastern okra stew, AKA bamia. It's a super quick recipe that uses pantry staples, plus okra — one of the veggies with the most fibres ever!


Carrot Kosambari Salad

And now, here's a delicious Indian salad you'll make on repeat! It's a feast of colours, textures, and flavours. As easy to make as good for you. Don't miss it!


Creamy Pea Pasta

For those who can't forgo a satisfying bowl of pasta, we've got you sorted. Dress whole wheat pasta with a creamy veggie mash, and check out our low-fat parmesan alternative!


Black Bean Falafels

We started with falafels, so let's finish with another falafel idea — just 'cause we love them so much! This time made with black beans, plus creamy sweet potatoes for extra yum!

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