8 High-Fibre Meals for Weight Loss

Lose Weight with Fibres

If you want to diet without going hungry, fibres are your best friend as they don't add calories and yet fill you up for long. Plus, they boost fat metabolism!

How Many Fibres?

National guidelines say you should eat 25-30 grams of fibres a day, about 8-10 grams per meal. But the more the betterβ€” especially if you want to lose weight.

High-Fibre Meal Ideas

We went a step forward and rounded up 8 weight-loss recipes that cover almost your entire fibre needs in a single meal. Yep, per meal. Ready? Let's go!


Moroccan Kale Bowl

This wholesome bowl pairs low-carb cauliflower rice with fibre-packed kale, chickpeas, and pistachios. It's nutritious, satisfying, and lunch-box approved!

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Creamy Pea Pasta

Make a high-fibre yet delicious sauce for your next pasta with garlicky green peas and broccoli. Opt for whole wheat penne for an extra boost of fibres.


Spicy Edamame Salad

Here's another healthy lunch bowl your waistline will love. It's a wonderful combo of fibre-rich edamame, raw kale, barley, and creamy avocado.


Beet Barley Risotto

This pink risotto is not just a beauty to look at but also a powerhouse of fibres, thanks to barley, beets, and cashews. Swipe up for the recipe!


Zucchini Rainbow Salad

When you need a high-fibre salad recipe you can rustle up in less than 10 minutes, this one is for you. It's fresh, crunchy, and fruity!


Scotch Broth

The combo of root vegetables, grains, and split peas makes this Scottish-style stew a concentrate of fibres. Make a big pot for the whole family!


Black Bean Feijoada

This comforting stew is a plant-based remake of the classic Brazilian dish, made with black beans for a fibre boost and served with orange slices for a fruity finish.


Spicy Lentil Burger

And for the grand finale, a mighty burger. Level up its fibre count by swapping the classic beef patties with bean fritters and opting for wholemeal buns instead of brioche.

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