10 High-Protein Legume Recipes for Weight Loss

Do Legumes Help Lose Weight?

High-protein foods like legumes help you feel full for longer, build muscle, and stop cravings. So, eating more of them is key to weight loss.

Best High-Protein Legumes

So level up your protein count with these 10 high-protein legumes. We ranked from low to high according to weight and serving size. And each comes with a recipe idea. Ready?



Yes, peanuts are actually a legume. And they're rich in proteins. Great as a snack, topping for your oatmeal, and add-on in this creamy protein smoothie!



With a healthy mix of protein and fibre, chickpeas are super filling and good for you. Enjoy them in hummus, curries, and pasta — and even bakes, like these raspberry blondies!

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Pinto Beans

A staple in Mexican cooking, pinto beans are creamy and nutty — and pack 10 grams of proteins per serving. Try them in this saucy breakfast toast and start the day with a bang!


Yellow Split Peas

Split peas add a pop of colour and a boost of proteins to your dishes. So, tip them in your next soup or curry. Or swipe up and try them in this hearty Scottish stew!


Black Beans

Want to boost your diet with proteins, fibres, and even antioxidants? Black beans are the legume for you. Try them in these falafels and stash them in your lunch box!


Red Kidney Beans

You can add these high-protein beans to your diet without even having to cook them. Buy the canned ones and tip them in this wholesome lunch salad!


White Beans

Now, the protein count starts to go up. Mighty white butter beans reach position 4. They're so creamy, filling, and simply divine in this mushroom velouté. Give it a go!



Time to get serious now. With an impressive 24 grams of proteins per 100g, lentils snatch third place. So, buy them in bulk and cook them up for this glorious mushroom curry!



These immature soybeans may be young but they pack tons of proteins. Add them to this quick buddha bowl and level up your protein count!



Mature soybeans pack a whopping 36g of complete proteins, almost twice as edamame. Want to know what's the tastiest way to eat them? Tap to the next page!

Buffalo Tempeh "Wings"

Tempeh is like a cake of compacted, fermented soybeans. A blast of proteins. Cut it into "wings", bake them, and drizzle them with buffalo sauce. Lip-smacking good!

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