3 High-Protein Vegan Foods for Belly Fat

Up The Protein, Drop The Fat

Eating more high-protein foods is an effective way to lose weight and shed belly fat. Why? They boost your metabolism and reduce hunger!

3 High-Protein Foods to Try

And if you're on a vegan diet, here are the best protein-rich foods you could eat— plus yummy recipe ideas to try!


Wholesome Grains

You may not know it, but grains like wheat, oats, and quinoa have lots of proteins. So, have a grain salad for lunch or oatmeal for breakfast!

Quinoa Super-Oatmeal

You can even boost the classic oatmeal with some high-protein quinoa. Simmer all together with peanut butter for a mighty breakfast!

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Crunchy Nuts & Seeds

These tiny powerhouses of nutrients are laden with proteins: peanuts, almonds, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds have the most!

No-Sugar Protein Flapjacks

And a great way to pack all this goodness together is in a protein bar. Try our healthy recipe with zero added sugars!


Mighty Beans

Pulses like lentils, edamame, and red beans pack tons of proteins, and fibres too! And that's the winning combo against stubborn belly fat.

Spiced Red Bean Stew

And with canned beans, there's no need for lengthy cooking. Simply tip them into pasta, soups, or a stew like this saucy Lebanese dish!

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