4 Veggies Higher in Vitamin C Than Oranges

High-Vitamin C Vegetables

Did you know you can get all your daily vitamin C from vegetables? Yep. The next 4 veggies pack more vitamin C than an orange!


Raw Kale

This supergreen is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you could eat. And yes it’s rich in vitamin C too!

Kale Berry Smoothie

Eating kale raw delivers the most vitamin C, so whizz it into a healthy green smoothie like this!


Bell Peppers

Covering 3 times your daily needs, no other vegetable has more vitamin C than bell peppers, especially yellow and red ones.

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Roasted Red Pepper Soup

You can blend roasted peppers into an immunity-boosting soup with Goji berries for extra benefits. Recipe below!


Raw Red Cabbage

Red cabbage concentrates tons of antioxidants, including vitamin C. Just like kale, it’s best eaten raw to preserve its full nutrient value!

Cajun-Spiced Salad

So, add a few handfuls of shredded cabbage to salads to get your dose of vitamin C. Try our tasty recipe with cajun cauliflowers!


Cooked Broccoli

A cup of cooked broccoli covers your vitamin C for the whole day! One more reason to eat more of this incredibly nutritious vegetable.

Thai Broccoli Pilaf

And here’s a delicious way to enjoy them: in a bowl of fragrant rice with chillies and lime!

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