The 5 Highest Fibre Grains for Weight Loss

Grain Power

Whole grains are one of the best weight-loss foods you could eat: they fill you for longer and keep your energy levels up.

Fibre-Blast Grains

Whole grains' power comes from their fibres, and these 5 grains pack the most. Discover them all — plus tasty recipes for your everyday!


Whole Wheat Pasta

Make a diet-friendly pasta bowl like this one using whole wheat pasta instead of white, and you'll instantly ramp up your fibres!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan



Wheat is great, but oats are even better: their soluble fibres work wonders for your metabolism. So, make a tasty oatmeal next!



Made from cracked wheat kernels, bulgur has more fibres than pasta and oats. And it pairs wonderfully with this saucy bean stew!


Popped Corn

If you keep the seasonings in check, popcorn is one the best weight-loss snacks out there. As rich in fibres as satisfying!



When it comes to fibres, barley wins. Deliciously chewy and nutty, it's the perfect add-on to a healthy bowl like this one!

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