3 Hormone-Balancing Foods for Weight Loss

Hunger Hormones

Can't seem to ever feel full? Time to put your hunger hormones back in order and kick-start your weight loss. How? With 3 all-natural foods!


Prebiotic Oats

When your gut-friendly bacteria feed on prebiotic foods like oats, they trigger special hormones that make you feel full!

Gut-Loving Bircher Muesli

So, make your gut super happy with this wonderful muesli pot. Fill it with oats, apples, and almonds — all the stuff your gut loves!

1500 Calorie Weight-Loss Meal Plan


High-Fibre Chia Seeds

Naturally bulking and filling, fibres also boost hunger-curbing hormones. And chia seeds are one of the best sources on the planet!

Fill-Me-Up Chia Pudding

Assemble the ultimate weight-loss pudding with chia seeds, yogurt, and berries. And see how full you'll feel!


High-Protein Lentils

When you eat enough proteins, hunger-stopping hormones tell your brain you're full. So load up on protein-rich foods like lentils!

Lentil Power Pasta Salad

Add lentils to veggie burgers and hearty curries, or try lentil pasta. Here's a brilliant pasta recipe with a whopping 26 grams of protein!

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